Outsource your Legal Department

Set up at any time your package. There is no long-term commitment required.

Hourly fee

CHF 450 .-hour
  • Ordinary hourly fee
  • We provide you with a quote

Standard Package

CHF 1’750.- month
  • 5 hours included per month
  • Additional hourly rate of CHF 400.-

Medium Package

CHF 2’300.- month
  • 7 hours included per month
  • Additional hourly rate of CHF 375.-

Full Package

CHF 3’000.- month
  • 10 hours included per month
  • Additional hourly rate of CHF 350.-

What our clients say

«Your experience and strategic legal counsel is always of the utmost value. You have a strong understanding of our business. We are confident that our legal matters are handled effectively and efficiently by you. Although you are not on site, we regard you as part of our own team.»- G. Prager - Board Member of CMGRP Switzerland SA, WeberShandwick, Geneva.
«Working with packages is a real innovative way of providing legal services and we greatly appreciate this kind of new approach. It renders legal services more accessible as we can monitor the cost depending on our needs.» - T. Michel CEO and Board Member of Weisshorn Asset Management SA.
«You have supported us in a highly responsive manner when we reviewed our shareholders’ agreement and we have been more than satisfied. We were very pleased with the quality of your services and your extensive legal expertise in Swiss corporate and commercial law. We also really appreciated your high ethical driven approach.»- J. Normand - Advisory Board Member of DAPM Dynamic Assets & Performance Monitoring SA.


When do I have to pay the package ?

Legal Outsourcing sends a detailed invoice at the end of each month, payable within 30 days.

What happens if I exceed the package hours?

Legal Outsourcing informs you if the package hours are reached. Discounted hourly rate applies for any additional hours depending on your package (see pricing).

When can I adapt my package ?

At any time with a prior written notice of 30 days. We regularly assess with you which package is appropriate to your needs.

What is Legal Outsourcing refund policy?

The monthly fee is due irrespective of whether you have used the hours or not.

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Our team is available to discuss your needs and answer your questions about Legal Outsourcing services.